Mission Statement

Continuing with our tradition of “Excellence in Education,” the mission of Waxahachie Independent School District is to develop, through a cooperative effort with the home and community, well-educated, responsible citizens who can excel in a complex world.

Program Event:

Wedgeworth Elementary


Students Served:

50 student from the CLIFT Elementary 4th garden participated in a day at the STEM Garden


To introduce and provide a hands on experience of the STEM Education garden resources

Working in cooperation with CLIFT Elementary School we presented 12 STEM mini classes to 50 students.   

Program Duration

1 Day

Program Description:

This STEM program was designed to teach a series of mini topics. 

Each topic was designed to provide an understanding of  of the environment sciences.

Student spent 20 minutes at each learning station, receiving instruction and participating with a short project to emphasis the topic being presented.

At the end of a 20 minute period, students rotated to the next learning station.

Special Thanks to our STEM developers, teachers, class assistants, and the seniors support staff.

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