Class Title:

The Shoe Box Garden Project:

Students Served:

This program served the children of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls club.  


To introduce students to the phases of growing a garden. 

Program Duration

1 Week

Program Description:

This STEM class is designed to teach students the phases designing, planting, and nurturing a garden.

Each student is given a shoe box to plant their personal garden.


Learning topics include learning about soil compositions, soil nutrients, how seeds grow in each type of soil mixture and planting a garden.

STEM components included: 


Science (basic chemistry of soils)

Technology (learning videos presented at the onsite DART Technology Center.   


Engineering (the effective gardening design) 


Math, (measuring and mixing soil preparations    

Special Thanks to our STEM developers, teachers, class assistants, and the seniors support staff.

As you can see their work was rewarded with a successful class experience.

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