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The Waxahachie Senior Activity Center seeks your contributions to develop, build, and fund an innovative 

Inter-Generational learning environment known as a “STEM Education Garden”.

What is STEM?

The STEM educational model is an integrated approach to learning and instilling creative problem-solving skills in students.

Project-based Classes:

Each of the classes take the form of a project.


While working on a project, students develop a variety of integrated skills in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

What is a STEM Garden?

A STEM Education Garden is a physical, learning environment designed for young people and teachers. It provides a fun, versatile, learning environment.

Generally, teachers focus on the fields Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

A STEM gardens narrows the focus to earth and life sciences, alternative energy, water and soil conservation and sustainability.

What is Inter-Generational Learning

The “Next Generation Education STEM Garden” is an innovative program that bridges the generation gap between Senior citizens and the youth.


Qualified seniors and educators work together with the youth of the Waxahachie area.

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